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Krānzle HD 1622TS Turn-Key Packages

The Krānzle 1622TS has become the heart of the operation for countless detailers and enthusiasts looking for a dependable solution. With time, it's obvious that the factory setup can be improved upon with a selection of parts to further tailor a solution that suits the individual. 

After hundreds of consultations with customers to deliver a better understanding of the necessities of 'a build', it became very obvious that there is an easier way to present things. I have broken things down into 3 select kits, and this is based on what I see people buying combined with what I know works. 

It should be noted that every single kit features assemblies that are built here on site by an owner/operator. Every trigger fitting is hand wrapped with Blue Monster Tape. Hoses and fittings are joined using LoXEAL Engineering Adhesives, are torqued, marked, and directional. Any ancillary threaded fitting provided (PRO Kit) comes pre-wrapped with Blue Monster tape. These kits are THOUGHT OUT, and throughout the entire process THE DETAILS MATTER. Machines are removed from factory packaging, inspected, and an oil change advisement sticker is placed onto the side cover. You will not get this level of service anywhere else, and I take pride in every single build. The goal is to ensure you start off with every advantage in having a problem-free first use, and that you spend time working instead of fiddling around and having to source missing fittings etc. 



Essentials to get you going with a level of creature comforts that won't break the bank. Package includes: Krānzle 1622TS (latest model), 50' KobraJET Hose, 14mm M22 QC Hose to machine adapter, SG35 Trigger, 3.0 orifice Spray Tips



If you're needing a bit more from your build, the Advanced Kit brings a mid-tier setup that will accommodate most users needs. Package includes: Krānzle 1622TS (latest model), 50' KobraJET Hose, 14mm M22 QC Hose to machine adapter, SGS28 Trigger, 3.0 orifice Spray Tips, and MTM PF22 Foam Cannon 


PRO KIT (Setup for a Hose Reel)

This is full tilt. Arrives with the highest end parts available from the MTM Acqualine Series. The kit is centered around integrating a COX Hose Reel which is NOT included but may be found *HERE. Parts list for the PRO KIT includes:   Krānzle 1622TS (latest model), 50' KobraJET Hose, assembled MTM 3' Whip Line, Acqualine SGS35 Trigger, 3.0 orifice Acqualine Nozzle Guard, Acqualine  20" Bent Lanceand MTM PF22 Foam Cannon 

*Detail Division LLC is in no way affiliated with COX Hose Reels. This is what I own myself, and I advise using a 100' hose reel with a 50' hose based purely on aesthetics. This is NOT an affiliate link, find your own 'best price'

All 1622TS units are held in physical inventory and ship that day if ordered before 3PM EST via UPS. Detail Division LLC is an Authorized Dealer for Krānzle Pressure washers as well as MTM Hydro. Krānzle GmbH notes specifically that the 1622TS should not have a hose length that exceeds 60' as per the instruction manual. I can offer a longer hose with any of these packages but require my customers to have a complete understanding of this advisement before purchasing



USA Lower 48 shipping included, Hawaii/Alaska will be billed actual additional charges before shipment. Ground shipping available ONLY, allow 1-2 days for processing. 

 Any customers needing further consultation may email info@detail-division.com including  phone number to schedule some time.

  *All customers are urged to test this unit immediately upon arrival. With the weight of this shipment, and shipping companies under stress to meet deadlines, mistakes can happen. Great care is taken to ensure that your delivery is flawless, but we all depend on other people to make it all work. In the event there is any damage, cosmetic or mechanical, Detail Division must be made aware via email the instant a problem is found.


**Krānzle pressure washers will be shipped from my inventory OR drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Pressure washer units ship ground ONLY and separately from the rest of your order. If you have any questions before you order, please contact.

***HAWAII CUSTOMERS I can ship FedEx 2-Day, rates are around $175 additional for this service. I will help out with that cost based on that day's quote

***Krānzle Pressure Washers come with a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer


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