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The home of Carbon Collective for the USA. Detail Division is the SOLE US Importer for these products.

Carbon Collective is a UK brand that prides itself on providing products suitable for enthusiasts and professionals alike. An inherent ease of use and install can be found with each of their items, their products are effective and durable, often times lasting far longer than advertised in real world testing. With over a decade in business, tested and proven in England, now available and shipping out of New England.

I want things to be perfectly clear with how I see this brand stack up against the rest of the market... Imagine you've worked your whole life to fulfill a dream to obtain a certain car. With that ownership comes the desire for flat out perfection, and a system of products that can deliver that... in use and results, every single nuance has been fine tuned; colors, fragrance, ease of use, results. 

Carbon Collective is not an exercise in doing what everyone else is doing and matching pricing- it is the obsession of every single ideal and detail within a product set that match what you are truly after in your 'detailing life'. 

I describe the brand in this way because it is where I have arrived with the brand personally, car and all. There are utility products that I offer, and then there is the restoration of SOUL to a car. If I were to create a brand myself, it would be exactly this set of chemicals. This is FAR more than just a brand to me, and I am confident in every single item in their lineup because of my own experience. I will personally 100% guarantee your experience with these products when matched up with the proper process to match.