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Logos & Images
The Logos and Images on this site are owned by Detail Division,LLC, or permission has been granted by the respective companies for their use. If you feel that your brand is being represented on this site without permission, you must bring this to our attention via email. Detail Division LLC retains all rights to images included on the site Detail-Division.com and Detail-Division.com and may not be used or copied without the expressed written consent of the corporation.
Some images have been furnished by the Author- Rich Pearce Photography based in Dorset, England and Detail Division LLC has been licensed for their use. 

The entire copyright in the Photographs is retained by the Photographer at all times throughout the world and across all jurisdictions and is administered through Rich Pearce Photography.

Title to all pertaining photographs remain the property of Rich Pearce.

Detail Division Logo Trademark SN 90838481, likeness and similarity may only be used with expressed written consent by Detail Division LLC. All images present on this website and social media is property of Detail Division LLC unless otherwise noted. All images have author embedded into the image and are only for use on the publishing site UNLESS written use-authorization has been granted. 

The content of this site is owned or licensed property of Detail Division,LLC. or its supplier or licensors. Content is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights, and Detail Division, LLC retains protection by U.S. and international copyright laws. All rights reserved. ANY product information can advise you only without obligation. Liability on our part can not be derived. Be sure to check whether products are suitable for your application.
All information, images, content, media and text are for your own personal use only. At no time may any of the contents of this website be used or copied for commercial use. Authorization and permissions may only be granted by expressed written consent prior to use.
Sales & Return Policy
No warranty is expressed or implied by Detail Division, LLC unless otherwise stated in description. Warranty may be provided by the manufacturer, where applicable, when sold by authorized licensed dealers, check appropriate product manufacturer for details. If you have any questions please contact info@detail-division.com
Returns will only be accepted in unused condition, and shipped back to Detail Division LLC at the buyers expense unless other communication advises. Used and then returned items will not be eligible for refund. A 20% restocking fee may be applicable depending on the condition of goods being returned, determined upon arrival. Buyer has 7 days from the date of arrival to print a return shipping label and ship the item back. 
Purchases from any third party, even of otherwise “new” products from Detail Division, LLC or an unauthorized agent void warranty protection as well as any install claims. Simply put, you must be the direct buyer from Detail Division LLC.
The care of products purchased is the buyers responsibility. Microfiber towels, especially of a high quality, require a specific level of care to keep them performing at the highest level. Improper care, contamination from chemicals or even hard water can have an adverse effect on the fibers. These are considered outside factors, beyond the scope of materials and manufacturing. If a towel performs properly the first time it is the end user that is responsible for the care regiment to keep it that way.
By purchasing ceramic coatings and applying them to paintwork or any other surface, you (buyer) agree that the installer assumes all warranty claims and that the installer is the only party responsible for the work. Detail Division LLC and Carbon Collective make no definitive claims of durability, and the time frame quoted for the life expectancy is a figure derived from lab testing only. 
Pricing is subject to change without notice.
Detail Division, LLC reserves the right to refund or replace items where an error in ordering may be present. Substitutions are sometimes necessary if an item does not meet quality standards at time of packing.
Sales are intended for end-user ONLY unless dealer authorization has been granted in writing.
In some instances, possible fraud can be detected with the payment provider and Detail Division LLC is contacted regarding that analysis. In this event, Detail Division LLC is bound by policy and reserves the right to determine the validity of any order and reserves the right to cancel fulfillment and make a full refund to the customer.
It is the policy for ALL HIGH RISK ORDERS to be cancelled and refunded for the protection of customers as well as Detail Division LLC.
In some cases where a MEDIUM RISK is detected, it is the policy of Detail Division LLC to request proof and and further documentation of the shipping address and billing address as well as a Government issued valid ID as well as the credit card showing only the last 4-Digits. Proof requests will be given 24hrs to confirm, and no-response requests will be cancelled after that time.
Detail Division LLC reserves the right to make these determinations as per the user agreement with the payment providers and in accordance with Shopify.
Detail Division LLC reserves the right to decline or cancel any transaction at any time as per the user agreement. 
& Chemical Use

This advisement is applicable to all products:

This product can expose you to chemicals, including DINP and/or DEHP which is known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, go to www.p65Warnings.ca.gov for more information.

The products we sell are not intended for use in potable water systems and are only for industrial non-drinking water applications.

It is ALWAYS suggested that customers coming into contact with chemicals take the necessary precautions before and during use. Appropriate cleanup and disposal is a must. By buying any product(s), customers agree that Detail Division LLC is in no way responsible for the appropriate use and/or disposal of any product purchased. Customer certifies that in purchasing they have agree with ALL statements in the Terms & Conditions page. 


Shipping & Damages

STANDARD SHIPPING is now offered to customers in the Continental United States on order totals over $200 and appears as an option automatically. This option uses our most economic choice of carrier and excludes Hawaii and Alaska shipments.

All orders are processed to be shipped as soon as possible. To deliver the best service, orders are packed well into the night. That being said, please use 1 business day for shipment to be made and tracking to be updated by the carrier.

Displayed arrival date at check-out is an estimate provided by the respective courier and in no way does Detail Division LLC have control over transit times or pricing; these are arrival estimates provided by a third party.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate shipping information to take delivery. There are no refunds on shipping. Shipments are geo-tagged by UPS. Theft off of your door step is not eligible for shipment insurance. This is the terrible part of logistics but is reality. By purchasing products and shipping, the buyer accepts that they are required to make arrangements for a secure delivery. Buyer also identifies that Detail Division LLC is in no way responsible for the shipping process once the carrier is in receipt of the shipment. 

International customers are urged to provide a working phone number along with their order to ensure a smooth delivery process. Errors or left out information resulting in the return of goods is the buyers responsibility, which the buyer agrees to by using this site. Further delivery attempts will be at the buyer's expense. Import fees and costs related to international buyers are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If you are not familiar with the import process, please consult the shipping agent. Understand that the timeframe of delivery the chosen shipping provider displays on this website is an estimate. Delivery times can vary internationally, Detail Division LLC has no control over these factors. 

Damages / Loss

Damages happen. No product is ever shipped as 'compromised', and every measure is taken to ensure a safe delivery. Insurance is present on most shipments made. In the event of damage, please contact within 5 business days of arrival so arrangements can be made for replacement or other suitable solution. BUYER AGREES to fill out necessary insurance form (online) so it is not a total loss situation for either party in a timely manner. Buyer understands that their selection of shipping agent is a contract between them and the shipper. Detail Division LLC and its operating websites agree to tender shipments to the designated shipping agent in a reasonable processing time. 

For more shipping information, please contact the carrier directly. If you feel your shipment was late due to a service failure, a claim can be filed by contacting the shipping carrier:

USPS® Customer Service
Call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777) to file a claim


Call 1 (800) 742-5877


On orders over $500 we will automatically request for a signature to ensure safe and sound delivery of your order. Please make arrangements to receive your order in a timely manner.

International orders sometimes require the buyer to contact their customs department. This burden falls upon the buyer, and Detail Division,LLC is not responsible for these arrangements.

Some items are not available in all markets due to shipping restrictions or conflict of interest with partnerships. If I am unable to ship a product to your market, you will be notified and a full refund for the item(s) will be made.


...are few and far between. I refuse to compromise on quality with KLiN Microfiber or the other brands offered here. The pains that are taken and the costs associated with production and importation of these products allows for little room to offer customers. Instead of marking up to give 'percentage sales' on items, the price is the price. I ask that my customers look past the business practices of others. Quality is the only goal with these products, and the value presented is far beyond comparative products. I do the very best I can to bring products that make sense for you and your work. Quality over quantity, and a level of durability that will save you real money over time.

ENJOY your time with these products, enjoy your work!


Wear & Tare

All pressure washing products and detailing tools are designed to withstand normal wear and tear associated with their intended use. However, it's important to note that over time, all items may naturally experience some degree of wear and tear. This includes but is not limited to scratches, fading, or other cosmetic imperfections that do not significantly impair the functionality of the product.

We strive to offer high-quality products, but cannot guarantee that they will remain in pristine condition forever, especially with frequent or heavy usage. Factors such as environmental conditions, maintenance, chemical exposure and handling practices affect the longevity of all products.

Please carefully review any care instructions provided with your purchase to maximize the lifespan of your product. Additionally, regular maintenance and proper handling can help mitigate the effects of wear and tear.

Regarding mechanical function, especially with pressure washing items, it is important to inspect your items regularly and promptly address any issues or concerns that may arise. The presence of sediment in water supply, corrosion caused by water, and general wear happens to all metals regardless of grade. MTM Hydro parts have a 60 day post-purchase guarantee through Detail Division LLC. Carbon Collective pressure washer guns and parts also have a 60 day-after-purchase guarantee. Please email info@detail-division.com for any related issues, including pictures and/or video to confirm issues. 

By using our products, you acknowledge and accept that wear and tear is inevitable and does not constitute a defect. This wear and tear are considered normal and are not covered under any warranty or return policy, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Security & Privacy

At times, information from your web browser is collected by a third party associated with Detail Division LLC for the purposes of marketing. By visiting this website, you acknowledge and accept data collection.

Detail Division LLC relies on minimal marketing, and it should be known that all Shopify settings are for the least intrusive measures to use information for advertising.

I am an advocate of privacy. I will never sell your information, your email, or retain any of your personal information beyond the scope of our transaction.


By checking the box at checkout, users understand and agree to these terms.


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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides you with rights regarding how your data or personal information is treated. Under the legislation, California residents can choose to opt out of the “sale” of their personal information to third parties. Based on the CCPA definition, “sale” refers to data collection for the purpose of creating advertising and other communications. Learn more about CCPA and your privacy rights.

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