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KLiN Drying Duo Microfiber Drying Towel (L)

This towel is how it all started. KLiN Drying Duo Microfiber DryingTowel

This was the towel that started it all for me with KLiN Korea. Every brand promises the world, and I've bought into so much over the years- so much so that I thought I knew what quality was. Every company said they were the best, that they made their own stuff, but in reality a silver tongue lines pockets with gold.

After testing late 2016, Detail Division was formed and became the US importer and representative for KLiN Korea in North America... and I can tell you that this brand opened my eyes to what quality is. For years I served as a tester for multiple brands. I had a resume of importing so many different brands to 'see what the world had to offer'. KLiN Korea changed my work, changed my outlook for the industry as a whole, and has guided my business and personal ideals. I'm honored to be able to share the experience I've had, and I hope you find the same exact results.

Twisted loop, twin layer towel that has been internally stitched together. These towels can soak up a proven 1 Gallon of water, evacuating water quickly from a surface with no need to apply pressure to said surface; the weight of the towel does the work, simply drop and drag. 

If you have used these towels before, there is a clear difference in the performance of KLiN Korea; they last for YEARS with minimal drop in performance over time. The internet has always promised us 'the best' towel, but in reality such products often function for the first 4-5 uses. Cheap material then starts to show actual value, and you start to see lint and a decrease in performance. KL!N does NOT lint, and with a proper care process these will be the consistent and durable drying towel that you are paying for and expecting.

Towels are pre-washed and air washed prior to being Contaminant Control System (CCS™) packaged. Transit is in fully sealed boxes, and every effort is made to deliver a product that is ready to use as soon as it arrives, untouched in transit and final packaging so the end user is the only one that has been 'hands on' with the towel. Pre-washed and air washed before packaging meaning this can be used right out of the package. 

This towel is the product of chasing the highest grade of performance from microfiber. These are expensive to make, and with the performance there needs to be regard for the care of them to keep in optimal condition. ONLY DRY ON LOW HEAT or HANG DRY. Do not over-dry. Do NOT use a 'drying aid' with these as it will function to bind the fibers. For further info on care, please refer to this page.


Features: pull-off tag. Latest material refinements 

Measures 90 X 70cm (35" X 27") 

Designed and Manufactured by KLiN Korea


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Best of the best!

Jerry Fisher
Feel great

Have nit used yet due to Midwest weather. They feel very plush and soft.

I use a number of klin towels. They never have let me down.

Superb quality.

Kirk Smith
KL!N is King

First time trying KL!N microfibers. Wish I would have discovered them sooner. This drying towel dominates anything available on the market. We will be switching over to KL!N


very big

Shawn Gardner
Quality Towel

Been switching over a lot of my microfibers to Klin this past year. Very happy with the quality, the amount of water these soak up, and the time it's saved me on my drying process. With the right care these towels have lasted me over a year and continue to do the job as if they're brand new.

User Reviews

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