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Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo RS

Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo RS is an acidic (or descaling) soap designed to help 'reset' the surface performance of a ceramic coating that's lacking. 

Dissolved solids in water can embed itself into a surface, and that's visible with water spotting as well as the coated surface just not beading up like it used to.

The surface should be pretreated with an alkaline pre-cleaner like Multi Star first (as per Koch Chemie), fully rinsed off, and then be used at a ratio of 50ml for every 10L of water (50ml for around half of a 5 gallon bucket). MEASURE as a pH level of 3.0 is achieved with this dilution ratio.

Reactivation Shampoo RS may also be foamed onto a relatively clean car using an adjusted dilution ratio in the foam cannon to match the bucket ratio (5ml for a 1L bottle). Ensure the vehicle is fully rinsed after washing. 

You may use this on any vehicle. The intention is to remove minerals from a ceramic coated or uncoated surface. Reactivation Shampoo can and will remove waxes and sealants. AVOID this drying on a surface, and rinse as necessary to avoid any surface issues.

This is NOT a solution to replace your regular wash shampoo to be used every Saturday... rather, a professional means to solve a problem. If the problem is solved, you revert back to a pH neutral solution to care for the surface until the issue happens again over time. 

Real world use: I personally just measure out 3 caps of RS, add to 1.5Gal of water, and one-bucket wash the vehicle AFTER it has already been foamed / washed / rinsed. Working 1-2 panels at a time to control time and exposure, I work my way around. This method foams up nicely on the wash mitt/pad, and the measurement feels right on panel. Once completed, the results are there. Obvious. Surprisingly good. Beading is restored, there's a renewed level of gloss and paint clarity, this is a VERY capable solution to address the issue at hand. If you are a professional that deals with maintaining ceramics or an enthusiast with a ceramic that's seen diminished performance, this is such an easy solution. BUY IT.

*ANY TIME YOU ARE WORKING WITH AN ALKALINE OR ACIDIC SOLUTION ON PAINT, you are managing the time of day, exposure to direct sun, NOT working hot panels or other surfaces. Neglecting to use appropriately can cause etching on paint. Work your situation and time of day so you achieve the expected results. This is a product relied on by professionals- anyone can purchase and use it so long as the proper methods are understood first. The ratios mentioned are to keep within VOC compliance standards. Should you feel you need a stronger ratio depending on your situation, please do so at your own risk, consider the use of PPE, etc. 


Customer Reviews

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Allan de Koning
Descale - Reaults

Simple stayed the RS Shampoo from Koch Chemie works as advertised. It delivered results beyond my expectations leaving an exceptionally clean surface and restoring the coatings hydrophobic properties. As always thank you Scott for solid advice and delivering top tier products.