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Carbon Collective Ultimus Snow Foam

Ultimus has been completely redesigned and reimagined.

Ultimus is a super concentrated formula, designed to create high foam quantity & density whilst providing superb cling properties & cleaning power. It’s the ultimate snow foam.

The vehicle should be foamed & left to dwell before hand washing. The snow foam is formulated to remove contaminants and lift surface dirt to create the safest wash possible.

When teamed up with our HD lance, the super concentrated formula generates maximum foam density and cling, only requiring 50ml of foam per 1L lance bottle.

Being pH neutral, the gentle surfactants effortlessly remove traffic film & embedded dirt without damaging sealants, waxes or coatings.

  • – 50ml per 1 litre for medium foam
  • – 100ml per 1 litre for thick dense foam
  • – pH neutral
  • – Maximum foam density
  • – Extended dwell time
  • – Superb cleaning power
  • – Sealant & Wax Safe


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bill G
Best Snow Foam Period

Frankly, most snow foams are a waste of time. Unless you're using a high pH foam with strong cleaners, most pH neutral snow foams are a waste of money and time. Ultimus is THE exception. Due to its use of a wetting agent, it features a long dwell time, and the foam is the longest lasting out there by far. The first time I used it I was pleasantly surprised how clean the car was after rinsing off a 12-minute dwell time. As noted in previous reviews, this soap foams so well, the foam sits in your driveway overnight, incredible. I had given up on using a snow foam without an alkaline or acidic additive (depending on what was on the surface), until I found CC Ultimus. For normal maintenance washing on a well care for car, it is the best, hands down. And last but not least, dealing with Scott is a most pleasurable experience. There is nobody in this market segment that provides better customer service than does Scott. You won't be disappointed.

mark berentson
Best foam soap

This foam is heavy and dwells for a long time. Very slick as well. I like this better than GSF. GREAT STUFF!

Jerome Stevenson
Best soap ever

Better then any other brand soap. Especially, all these brands rebranded by B and B blending

Cameron S
Simply the best

For the last 5 years I have bounced between soaps never finding one I truly like. This is the only soap I have repeatedly came back to due to how well it works. The suds, grime removal, and gentleness has to be the best I’ve personally seen. And along with that you get fast shipping and great customer support.

Shayne Galvin
Best smelling soap ever

I just love the smell of the soap and It has great lubrication, after a quick foam and hand wash theres not one bit of road grime left

User Reviews

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