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Carbon Collective Drying Duo EVO Edition (L) by KLiN Korea

The Carbon Collective Drying Duo EVO Edition by KLiN Korea is another collaborative take on the Flagship Drying Towel manufactured in partnership with KLiN Korea.

Unlike the Drying Duo utilizing a twisted loop weave, the EVO relies on micro-twist weave. The result is a towel that's ultra thirsty, the same industry leading quality that you can expect from KL!N with a lower pile resulting in slightly less drying capacity compared to the Drying Duo BUT the EVO pulls water more completely from the surfaces, eliminating the likelihood of micro-droplets being left behind on a ceramic coating. This is the latest version of the EVO towel and is thicker than other versions.

In the process, KLiN Korea opts to use only the highest set of graded materials for any product that bares its name. Absorption and functionality is measured in years with these, and a product like this shows a value far beyond the entry fee when time is considered. The EVO Edition does NOT lint because of the tight weave, and with a proper care process these will be the consistent and durable drying towel that you are paying for and expecting.

While the differences are important with the weave itself, it still has the same job of drying a vehicle, and while beneficial on ceramic in certain situations, this is every bit of robust drying towel as the Drying Duo. 

Towels are pre-washed and air washed prior to being Contaminant Control System (CCS™) packaged. Transit is in fully sealed boxes, and every effort is made to deliver a product that is ready to use as soon as it arrives, untouched in transit and final packaging so the end user is the only one that has been 'hands on' with the towel. It is recommended by both partners that these are washed using Carbon Collective Restore to ensure softness, absorption capacity and durability. 

This towel, as well as the collaboration, is the product of chasing the highest grade of performance from microfiber. These are expensive to make, and with the performance there needs to be regard for the care of them to keep in optimal condition. ONLY DRY ON LOW HEAT or HANG DRY. Do not over-dry. Do NOT use a 'drying aid' with these as it will function to bind the fibers. For further info on care, please refer to this page.

Features: Specific Carbon Collective color with a co-branded pull-off tag. Latest material refinements (11/2023)


• preferred towel for removing water from a ceramic coated vehicle

Measures 90 X 70cm (35" X 27") 

Made in Korea (actually)

1300 GSM

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Weiss
Excellent for ceramic coated cars

The tight weave is great for picking micro droplets. Glides very smooth over coated cars. Really soft touch too which feels safe on the paint.

Ryan, thanks for your thoughtful review. This weave lends itself to be an acquired taste for some, but you hit the nail on the head with using on a ceramic coating and the absolute benefit of this micro-twist weave which KLiN Korea is the developer. Enjoy it my friend!


Exceptional quality klin is in A League of Their Own

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