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Carbon Collective Clear Coat 250ml

*Buy a Speed Applicator with this because it works!

Carbon Collective Clear Coat Ceramic Lite has been formulated to be the most versatile coating on the market. Offering durable, hydrophobic protection, enhancing the finish of Paint, Wheels, Glass, Trim, PPF, Vinyl and Carbon.

Ceramic Lite bridges the gap between a traditional ceramic coating and a spray sealant. The ethos of the product was to create something we could use on almost any finish or substrate, allowing protection on all surfaces with only one product.

Originally formulated as pre-sale protection on some of the most exclusive cars in the world, Clear Coat provides a durable, invisible protective layer on matte, satin & gloss finishes for up to 12 months. 

Clear Coat can be applied outdoors in stable conditions, applying out of direct sunlight and out of the elements. Please allow 12 hours after application, before getting the coating wet. Ceramic Lite can be used as a stand-alone protectant, or on top of existing ceramic coatings, extending durability or giving them a new lease of life.


Clear Coat is durable up to 12 months when maintained correctly, with an average of 5000 miles.


  • Chemical Resistant
  • Ultra Hydrophobic (water and dirt repellant)
  • 6 Hour Cure Time (before getting wet)
  • Cost-effective (up to 25 cars/25 coats)
  • Suitable for outdoor application


  • Fast, Easy Application
  • Gloss boosting on Gloss finishes
  • Enhancing the finish of Satin and Matte finishes
  • Suitable on Paint, Wheels, Glass and Trim
  • Apply on PPF, Vinyl, Carbon and Composite
  • Easy to apply, ceramic coating-like results


  • Apply one spray onto one of our Speed Applicators.
  • Coat one panel in straight overlapping lines.
  • Ensure the coating is spread evenly across the whole panel.
  • Remove excess immediately (20-30 seconds) with one of our Panel Wipe Microfibre Cloths.
  • Repeat the process for maximum durability.
  • Any residue or smearing can be removed by re-application, simply re-apply to the area & wipe off.
  • Apply in temperatures above 41º F, in a well-ventilated area.

Hints & Tips:

  • Clear Coat cures fast, rather than rushing, split larger sections like bonnets & roofs into sections.
  • If applying outside, stand with your back to the wind, spray away from the car, and spray into the speed applicator.
  • Use two sprays to prime the applicator initially, then just one spray per panel.
  • Hard to remove? You may be applying too much, a little goes a long way.
  • Missed a bit? You can top up at any time, just make sure the panel is clean & free from dust & dirt.
  • Found a smear? Any residue or smearing can be removed by re-application, simply re-apply to the area & wipe off.
  • Leveling towels are NOT discarded after use. Wash, check while folding as you always do, repeat.

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