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KLiN Plush+ 500GSM 2-Pack

KL!N Plush+ 500GSM (2-pack)

This is the latest version Plush+ offering from KLiN, boasting what a TRUE 500GSM towel is. Thickness, softness, and durability that will be rivaled by no other brand in this segment. The GSM number is used only for the end user to gauge where this towel falls in the lineup, the respect is earned when these hit paint.

Extra Premium Microfiber 4-sided Ultrasonic Cut Edge Towel. Perfection. Ultra soft to the touch, and THE CHOICE for the discerning professional or enthusiast looking to pamper their vehicle finish. Whether removing polishing residue, removing wax, or a final wipe down from a coating removal or quick detailer spray THIS towel will be your go-to. 

Arrives pre-washed and air washed, sealed in Contaminant Control System (CCS) package. The utmost care has been taken in the manufacturing and handling of these products.

If you are tired of towels that claim to be safe on your paint, your experience and a light do not lie. Put these towels against any other in this segment and you will find what is truly safe for your paint. This is as close as it gets to being a no-lint plush wiper.

87g / 40cm x 40cm = 543.74GSM RANDOM SAMPLE

Customer Reviews

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Vickie M
Soooo plush and soft picks up dust

I would not use anything else. I use this towel, such a light touch, to get the dust off the back glass and other exterior trim between washes. I wouldn't use anything else. It collects dust so well. I use the other on the interior to dust off dash etc. Living in the country there is a lot of dust!

Chad Kelley
Klin plush + 2 pack review

Cannot say enough great things about Klin microfiber products. Every single towel i have received is beyond anything I could have ever expected!!!

The Worx Auto Detail
The Gray Ghost

These 500GSM are the truest towel ever made for removing compound, polish, ceramic coating, etc. Scott put me on these about a month ago and I will never go back to another Towel. Super Soft. Performance is Excellent. Kl!n is #1 in the Towel Industry!

Jerome Stevenson
Plush Plush Baby

Super Plush. Reminds me of my Girlfriend’s back in the 70s. No other towel will be used to wipe down my vehicles

Rene Garcia
Best of the best

By far the best and truest 500GSM towel around. Coming from Scott I knew these were the real deal. After some experimenting they proved to be exactly what they claim to be. What really turned me on was removal of compound and polish after a fresh paint job. Other competitors struggled where as the Klin pulled everything off effortlessly with no marring left behind. Will be switching all of our microfiber to Klin from here on out.

User Reviews

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