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KLiN Glass Shine

Created from premium-grade materials, KLiN Korea Glass Shine towels play a significant role  in achieving glass that is optically perfect, or as close as it gets. The weave of the towel is designed to completely remove smudges and films that build up over time on glass, and leaves zero haze when coupled with the right process. If you have tried every single trick in the book and you're still coming up short on results, the problem may not be the glass cleaner you're using but the item that makes final contact with that surface. Mirrors, glass, camera lenses, phone screens all share a similar issue and KLiN Korea has a proper solution.

The Glass Shine is safe on tint, performs well on delicate surfaces surrounding glass, and leaves no lint behind. 


USE:Use 2 Glass Shine towels for best results. (1) apply water or glass cleaner to towel and wipe down the glass surface, (1) dry towel should then be used to wipe down the surface for a clean and clear finish.


CARE: Hand or Machine wash. Neutral detergent ONLY when necessary/warm water/hang dry. Use dryer on LOW HEAT for a short amount of time being sure not to over dry. These towels are very care-specific and will not last or work unless properly cared for each time.

NO FABRIC SOFTENER/BLEACH.Always inspect ANY towel before it comes into contact with a surface, towels with edge stitching may scratch low-hardness surfaces. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great towel once you figure them out

These aren’t the easiest towels to use, which is kind of strange because they are towels. Follow below and they will work great for you.

They work best with distilled water, tried all sorts of glass cleaner and they all left a haze but no streaks.

Put distilled water in a spray bottle, give the towel a few pumps and go to town on the glass. After you have wiped down the glass with the wet side, switch to a dry towel and wipe the area you just did with the dry towel. Streak free and crystal clear every time.

Attn: To Detail
Once you figure it out, %*#@ any other towel

I get it, it is not a "normal" shape, but I swear to you once you fold this into quadrants and put it in the palm of your hand you will become a glass cleaning god. Unless you're a born jumper and can't be helped. I'm sorry, but that's an end user problem.

Anyhow, put a little, LITTLE bit of water on one quadrant and enjoy streak free and haze free cleaning. It's hard for product to flash on the glass in the heat if you don't use product. Think about it. Maybe I'll make a video later...maybe.


Lets face it, no one likes cleaning glass. Imperfections in technique or product shows immediately. This towel just needs a little water and a back and forth motion, then another dry towel . Thats it! you cannot screw this up! I have even used only one towel and folded it and voila! PERFECTION. Big fan of these towels. KLIN def has great products and are really priced well.
My two cents

Tyler Prewitt
Lint free finish, every time...

Much like the Drying Duo's, this glass towel ended the game in the search for the perfect glass towel. Utilizing two of these towels on your glass cleaning makes the job simple and not so dreaded any longer. Perfect on interior and exterior glass and nav screens. You can't ever have too many of these towels on hand.

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