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Carbon Collective Platinum Wheels Ceramic Coating


Our Platinum Wheels sealant is an ultra-durable 9H coating which can be used on painted, powder coated, bare metal aluminium and stainless finishes. Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the wheels surface, protecting them from dirt, brake dust contaminants & even scratches.

With a resistance to heat up to 350 degrees, it makes it ideal for protecting precious vehicle components for engine, brakes, wheels & suspension.

This 15ml bottle has enough product to protect 6-8 wheels (size dependant) It can also be used to coat metal centre caps and exhaust tips.

Durable for a minimum of 2 years on a full application (two coats), wheels become effortless to clean & maintain.

*All coatings require the use of gloves and a respirator/mask for safety. This is not optional but NECESSARY.

Safe to be used on the following finishes:

  • – Bare Metal (alloy, copper, steel, stainless, titanium)
  • – Painted finishes
  • – Powder coated finishes
  • – Anodized finishes
  • – Gloss, matt & satin finishes


  • – Protects 6-8 wheels (or two coats)
  • – Maximum scratch protection
  • – Super-hydrophobic
  • – Makes surface easier to maintain
  • – Higher active content
  • – Wipe on wipe off application

Durability & Scratch Resistance:

  • – True 9H hardness
  • – Resists heat up to 350 degrees
  • – Durable for a minimum of 2 years
  • – Can be topped with Oracle
  • – More durable & longer lasting than dealer supplied protection
  • – High chemical resistance

Kit includes:

  • – New Style Bottle With 2.0 Dropper
  • -Foil Packaging with Instructions
  • -30ml 4x 75mm Microfiber Applicators



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jerome Stevenson
Best wheel coating on the market

Better then Modesta BC06, Suck Supply Beadlock , Gyeon Rim, Carpro Dlux. Used them all and this outperformed them all

Douglas Hebert
Service brought to a whole new level

This company does not only offer superior products but they deliver it with superior service and topped off with a personal connection. I ordered my product and it showed up on time but in todays world that is just considered the "expectation" where this company ended up going above and beyond is that the owner goes out of his way to ensure each order gets a personal message from him saying not only thank you but acknowledge that this was my first order with him and taken a moment to explain the advantages of the product I purchased and the best way to apply. It means a lot to a small detailer to receive such service and appreciation for the business from another self owned business. I have already placed another order and received another personal note that was not something that was pre formulated. I look forward to doing more business with this company and recommending others to do the same.

Michael Floyd

Platinum wheels is amazing. The gloss added is absolutely insane on top of being the most hydrophobic wheel coating I have used to date. If you are looking for a wheel coating to make your wheels slicker than cat shit on a marble floor...THIS IS IT!

Paul Woerner
Amazing no hype all results!

I’m blown away with this product. The application process is very simple and just a quick wipe and you are good to go. The coating itself has amazing gloss, brake dust is just blown off with my pressure washer. And don’t forget that prep is the key to amazing results. You put in the work and the results will show.

User Reviews

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