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Carbon Collective Speciale Ceramic Detailing Spray 2.0

Speciale Ceramic Detailer 2.0

With a 60% increase in active content over the original version, this second version is more durable, more stable, easier to apply & remove.

Our unique Speciale Ceramic Detailer redefines what you expect from a detailer, developed with the same active Si02 content as our coatings, giving unparalleled gloss & hydrophobic protective properties.

The active Si02 content extends the durability and hydrophobicity of existing coatings, applied wet or dry, the spray can be wiped on & off in minutes, leaving a long lasting high gloss finish.

Speciale is also an effective way of protecting uncoated surfaces, unlike other products, it requires no base coat or prep. Simply spray on the detailer & wipe it off to apply a fast and effective hydrophobic barrier.

If desired, the ceramic spray can be layered over existing protection, or applied in multiple coats, extending protection and hydrophobic properties.

  • – Active si02 ceramic content
  • – Increases hydrophobic properties of coatings, sealants & waxes
  • – Extends durability of existing protection
  • – Can be used as a stand alone sealant
  • – Spray on & wipe formula
  • – Durable for 3 months on a full application (two coats)
  • – Safe on matt & gloss finishes
  • – Can be used on plastics, glass, paint, metals, powder coat
  • – Increases gloss & clarity


  • – This product can be used wet or dry.
  • – Apply a light mist onto the microfibre cloth from around 20cm away.
  • – Apply one panel at a time, wiping in straight lines.
  • – Buff off any excess residue, folding the cloth as you go.
  • – Using a second dry microfibre, buff of any excess.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bill G
Fantastic Ceramic Based Topper

After using CarPro Reload and thinking the car looked awesome, I decided to assess it under a swirl light. I was very disappointed in the prevalent streaking on my black paint, that required excessive buffing to remove it. Not good for keeping the swirl marks down. So, I set out to find something that was more user friendly and provided stellar results. With Scott's recommendation, I found that in Speciale. Goes on very clean and leaves superior results. So easy to work with and the beading and gloss is industry leading. The smell is quite pleasant as well. My new go-to topper. .... for that ultimate LSP, check out Rapide over the top of Speciale. Awesome combo.

Jerome Stevenson
This knocks out the competition

This stuff is amazing. It’s a nice punch of gloss and protection. Knocks out the competition

CC Nuovo

Love this product! I did not do any decon or polish. Applying it was a breeze and the results is amazing! Seems like It did a paint correction itself! Amazing product! Def gonna be one my arsenal forever.

super topper

Just started using this product after the guys at 631 Coatings recommended I try it. WOW !!! Easy to apply, smells good, and easy to remove. I found a two towel method best for gloss. Product makes water just beads like crazy. Great value for size of bottle at this price point. I used this as a topper on recently placed PPF FILM- Suntek. It was applied at 631 Coatings by Carl and Devin. They had just started using the products from detail division so I figured why not. Ordering was smooth, updates on delivery, all products wrapped in sealed plastic, and a personal note from the proprietor with a sticker for my detail cart!!! So far all products are top quality. Thank you Detail Division!!!

User Reviews

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