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Microfiber Care

My take on microfiber care is just that... this is the method I prefer for my own use, and is meant for you to look over to arrive at your own method. Methods are constantly changing, find what works for you and your own needs.


The care of your microfiber is every bit as important as selecting the right brands and towels for the job. The goal is the removal of foreign contaminants from the fibers and the restoration of the fibers to their normal condition, and then storing them in a manner which will keep their condition intact.

The first step will be to identify what level of cleaning your microfiber needs. You base this on the chemicals the fibers were in contact with along with the level of dirt they have absorbed. A drying towel will have less exposure to contaminants than a general interior towel, and these factors all come in to play when deciding how aggressive you need to be. Glass towels can be a different animal entirely, and the care you give them will directly preserve or ruin how well they work the next time they are put to use.

The second step in this is a pre-soak. A warm water and APC solution will break up any spent compounds, waxes, cleaners, and any general grime that your towel comes into contact with. This is the easiest step as it works without you doing anything. Pre treatment will save you money in the long run. All purpose cleaner is a key element as it actually cleans and removes whatever has been introduced to the surface. Microfiber specific detergents do clean, but their true goal is to restore the feeling of softness back to the fibers. Products like Rags to Riches will never 'reset' your towels back to zero but still play a key role.

The third step would be to remove the towels from your APC/warm water and wring them out prior to going into a washing machine. It is important to wash like colors and like towels together. Paint specific towels should never come into contact with heavily soiled interior towels. Select a delicate cycle (unless the towels are toast and it does not matter), add in a measured amount of microfiber specific detergent, and select your water temp. I usually stay away from hot water (personally) but there are plenty of methods that can be justified. Many people also use a bit of distilled vinegar, consider it.

The fourth step would be to get your towels into the dryer. Using the lowest heat setting possible and being sure the dryer is clean before throwing towels in, it is important to time your cycle properly. The goal is to never leave the towels in the dryer longer than they need to be. The preference is to remove the load just beforeeverything is dry. This will keep the fiber structure from deteriorating and have your precious tools working right. Fold, and allow your towels to sit to dry with minimal contact with other stuff while they finish drying.

The final step is having a sealed container for storage. Keep your gear in good working order and there will be no surprises when you reach for them the next time you need them.