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Carbon Collective Sateen Rubber & Tyre Protectant 2.0

Unlike any other product on the market, our revolutionary new formulation creates a durable coating which bonds to the surface and cures to become dry to the touch. Ensuring no sling or transfer!

Sateen‘s anti-static properties repels dust, dirt & water, becoming the new active layer on the surface.

Water-based & durable, providing a long-lasting UV protective layer on tyres & rubber, lasting weeks, not days!

When 1 coat is applied, rubber is left with a rich satin finish, resistant to water, oil & dirt.

Layering up additional coats increases gloss levels. For a long-lasting wet-look finish, apply 2-3 coats, 15 minutes apart.

  • – Water-Based
  • – Long-Lasting
  • – Water Repellant
  • – Oil Repellant
  • – Dirt Repellant
  • – No Sling
  • – Satin Finish (1 coat)
  • – Gloss Finish (2-3 coats)
  • – Durability of 3+ weeks

Directions For Use:

Ensure all previous tire dressings and silicones have been removed prior to application.

Clean surface thoroughly with APC or Citrus Cleanser to remove dirt & old dressings.

Always apply on a dry surface, if possible dry with our Air Force 1 Dryer.

Apply 3-4 sprays onto one of our foam tyre applicators.

Apply evenly over the surface until the desired effect is achieved.

The coating will begin to clear as the coating cures.

Apply 2 coats for maximum gloss.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tim McLaughlin
Great tire dressing

I applied this tire dressing over 3 weeks ago. Easy application, nice shine & durability. Perfect look. Not to shiny. Makes the car look so sharp!

mark berentson
A must buy

No slime, no sling. Just an awesome sheen that's easy to apply and even out. Beads water off great too. A little goes a long way. Best tire product I've used yet.

Had to leave a review. No SLING.

First thing first Detail division thank you for the speedy service you get products out extremely fast and take the time to leave a hand written note every time I order.

Now the product I been watching this brand for a long time finally pulled the trigger. This sateen rubber and tyre is great goes a long way added 2 coats 15 minutes in between and the look is amazing. Not that is was needed I just wanted to see what it will look like.
A sad story with a happy ending lol.
Had to run to the store while drive driving I was mentally screaming you know women always want something at the last minute so I figured all my hard work went out the window got back home pulled in the driveway and to my surprise no sling.
Detail division thanks.

Jordan Wells

This product is by far and above the BEST tire dressing/protectant I have ever had the pleasure of using. Wheels & Tires are my favorite part of any detailing process as they can make or break the finished look of a detail. I always clean tires with a dedicated tire cleaner and hard-bristled brush, sometimes two and three times. I’ll then spray a tar remover (Tarminator, etc.) on a mf towel and rub the tires clean. This ensures a beautifully cleaned & prepped surface and will pretty much eliminate any possible sling, which is caused by layering new dressing onto old and caked on previously applied protection. It also will ensure maximum durability of the new product being applied (which is a LONG time when talking about Sateen 2.0).

I have tried SO many dressings, from the cheaper ones to the boutique/expensive ones. Some look great but lack in durability, some seem durable but are nearly impossible to get level/smooth and they’re either far too shiny for my liking, or you can’t tell a difference. Sateen 2.0 comes in and literally blows everything out of the water. On a well-prepped tire, it is literally wipe on evenly and walk away. No need to knock it down with a towel later, it will level itself out perfectly and be 100% dry to the touch with the PERFECT amount of satin sheen.

There is not a better product on the market. A little goes a very long way, but I assure you that you’ll want the 2L.

Thank you Scott for such fantastic products and service!

User Reviews

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