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MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon

The latest revision of the PF22 (version 2), released Q1 2024.

The MTM PF22 has been the industry standard of foam cannons since I can remember. From 'driveway destroyers' to the seasoned professional, if you have owned a few foam cannons in your lifetime and you've got one of these, it's obvious why these have the reputation they do. Proper foam production, an impressive level of adjustments, and the ability to rebuild with constant availability of parts from the manufacturer. 

The MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Cannon offers not only adjustable fan blades but now offers an adjustable spray pattern (vertically or horizontally) as it throws thick foam onto your vehicle, house, fence, sidewalk, roof or other washable items. The chemical injection knob on top allows for more or less chemical to be drawn through the internal chamber, increasing or decreasing the foam output. This allows the internal agitator to create a dense foam.

This newest version includes:

  • 1L Wide-Mouth Bottle
  • Twist-Lock Sandwich Adapter sealed via o-ring
  • Cast Brass Head
  • Solution Pickup Straw
  • Twist Cap for travel with a full bottle
  • 1/4" Plug (M) and M22 Fittings
  • Installed 1.25mm / 3.5 orifice
  • 1.1mm / 3.0 orifice (suited for low GPM electric pressure washers)
  • Weighted pickup filter

**NOTE** A specific 1/4" Male plug may be required in order to attach the QC plug to the end of some residential pressure washer setups. MTM Hydro 1/4" plugs are standard for industrial use but many residential pressure washers such as Generac, Greenworks, Ryobi, AR Blue Clean,etc... have certain models where the coupler will not receive an MTM plug. Not all of these brands are impacted, just certain models. If you look closely, the Chamfer at the end of an MTM plug as well as the neck is, 1.5mm shorter than some couplers may allow. Once you install the correct plug in your new MTM Foam Cannon, you sill see that it was worth finding this specialized fitting as our foam cannons are second to none, even when manufactures try to change their fittings!


    • Min. 1,100 psi - Max. 4,000 psi 
    • Min. 1.8 gpm - Max. 5.3 gpm 
    • Max. 140 F°

    Perfect for:

    • Detailing: auto, RV, marine, and aviation
    • Agriculture applications
    • Concrete & brick cleaning
    • Home cleaning
    • Restaurant hood cleaning

    PROP 65

    Care Instructions and Specifications


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Jason Kirouac
    Unbelievable service

    Scott has proven to be amazing. Everytime! I am in Canada and have ordered as frequently as I can. I recently placed an order for this foam cannon and a few other products. Scott was emailing me on his time on a Sunday as he prepped my order to ensure it was set up properly for my pressure washer. Currently...we are stage 4 water restrictions and in a drought. I won't use this til fall....however...I am using all of his detail sprays and cloths to keep things spotless, without water for the time being. I highly recommend him and his company!!!


    Great quality

    Aaron Derrick
    Great product...But

    Ok, first off this review has no Direct relation to detail division, their products, or their customer service. This review is specifically for this product alone and its longevity. I purchased the pf22 foam Cannon for my work at the time. If you're doing on average 3 vehicles per day, say about 15 cars per week. The product begins to lose its quality operation after a 6-8 month period. Now understand that this, in my opinion, is excessive use. So if you're looking for a foam Cannon just to use on your own vehicle's... this is a quality product that produces a great thick amount of foam. The first version, there was a problem with the shape and construction of the bottle, it would never stand up on its own. Hopefully this revised units is a lot better. Many detailers would say that this is the best foam Cannon out there, which it very well may be, it lasting over a year with excessive use it didn't hold up for me personally, I ended up buying a totally different unit in the end. So you can take this and make your own decision based on your personal needs.

    C O N N E C T