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Carbon Collective XL Duffle Bag – 48L

Our Carbon Collective XL Duffle Bag is ideal for detailers who need to transport or store a large amount of detailing products.

This is not an off the shelf bag with an embroidered logo on it. Massive design and planning went into this bag with people that actually use them in mind. Perfect for adding organization to your mobile rig, or for stowing away your goods safely while traveling for a throw-down weekend of detailing with friends. The design consists of two separate bags which can be used independently. When zipped together the two bags have a combined size of 48 litres.

The huge 48-litre capacity is big enough to hold the following items:

  • Machine polisher
  • 7x 500ml bottles
  • 6x 1L bottles
  • 9x Polishing pads
  • Polishing accessories (including backing plates)
  • Microfibres
  • Drying towel
  • Detailing brushes (4 exterior slots)
  • Kneeling pad (bottom bag)

Bag Features:

  • 48L litre capacity
  • Shoulder strap included
  • 47 x 41 x 25cm
  • 6 1L bottle slots 
  • 7 500ml bottle slots
  • 1 interior net pocket (on flap)
  • 4 detailing brush holders (exterior)
  • 4 large exterior pockets for accessories
  • Double exterior pocket (end of the bag)
  • Large exterior pocket, ideal for larger items
  • Second zip-off bag with 3 individual sections, ideal for microfibres or polishing pads
  • Padded hard bottom to protect your precious equipment from drops & uneven surfaces
  • Rubber locating feet

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So much room!

The bag... it's so HUGE! Not that there's anything wrong with the size, just wasnt expecting it to be or appear larger than the picture of it. Its everything as described in the item description. It'll hold everything you need.. and more! Now, if only the smaller cases would be back in stock,
I'd be more than just a happy camper. Mahalo Scott for sending it out so quickly. One of the reasons why ill always be a frequent customer here at Detail Division. Customer service is awesome!

jeff Millman
Great idea...for sure

I have several "travel" detailers bags and all have one or 2 features that make them exceptable.....the Detail division CC bag has ALL the features I want in a " bag" Deep...roomy...perfectly engineered for the guy ( ME ) who appreciates great zippers...durable materials...room for anything I may need-want to have handy and organized....at my finger tips.I do not usualy write or leave reviews....good or otherwise.I just had to take a minute to share my experience....I should also tip my hat to Scott.....I have never experienced customer service quite like Scott strives to have....I feel like every time I place an order...I am greeted and treated like Scott really does give a Sh-t about providing super high quality products at a very reasonable cost for those of us that see the value in buying once and having gear that lasts and lasts
thats my 2 cents worth......no dissapointments here

User Reviews

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