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Carbon Collective Arch Blaster Turbo Nozzle

Carbon Collective Premium Arch Blaster Turbo Nozzle

With the influx of hybrid and electric cars on the market, there has been an increase number of manufacturers using material or “carpet” style arch liners, these are notoriously hard to clean, but we have found the answer, our Turbo Nozzle.

The Arch Blaster Turbo Nozzle is a high-pressure zero-degree jet, which spins in a circle area in quick succession. The high-power jet offers a quick and powerful clean.

For Use On:

The turbo nozzle is intended for use on plastic and material arch linings, underbody applications and deep components, from suspension arms to engine blocks.

We do not recommend using this nozzle on bodywork or painted finishes (unless you would like this paint removed, we have found it ideal for removing flaking paint prior to re-painting.) Avoid wraps at all costs as well as radiators.

Finished in the same color as our Stainless Trigger in Soft Touch Plastic, ensuring any contact made with wheels or bodywork will not leave a mark.


  • MAX – 3600 PSI / 250 bar
  • MAX – 60 ° C / 140 ° F
  • 1/4″ Quick Release Male Outlet
  • 3.0 orifice

Two Nozzle Sizes:

Unlike other standard nozzles available on the market, we have made ours available in 2 orifice sizes, ensuring maximum compatibility, but also performance, no matter which pressure washer you are using.

The orifice size dictates how your pressure washer performs, ensure you order the correct-sized nozzle to get the most from your setup, whilst preventing any load issues.

in the UK we tend to use a mixture of brands and flow ratings, but we normally suggest the following:

    Customer Reviews

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    freddy A

    Turbo nozzle is great work good on fender liner and under the car also


    Top quality

    C O N N E C T