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Prima Stainless Fittings

In 2023, Veloci Performance made the transition to manufacturing a select group of pressure washer fittings here in the USA. With the Global Market facing constant pressures from material and shipping costs, this was viewed as an opportunity to bring better to the market. 

What actually makes PRIMA Stainless fittings better?

  • 303 stainless-steel sourced from the City of Steel - Pittsburgh, PA USA
  • 100% machined to precise specifications: +/- 127µm, +/- 1º on working angular surfaces
  • 3x more precise than the competition; precision means better fit and longer life
  • Quality controlled by digital comparator
  • De-burred and washed for premium polish and smoothest action in the industry
  • EPDM seals for high temperature and chemical tolerance

Real life, what is the difference?

Fresh out of the pack is the feeling in your hand. Standard pressure washer fittings feel sharp and angular, coarse and rough. The PRIMA fittings almost feel soft, sharp edges have been machined and beveled, these are smooth and are almost inviting. The higher grade of stainless brings a marginal improvement of corrosion resistance, but most likely nothing your eye would ever be able to quantify. The FIT is where the level of machining is obvious, and these take force to put in and remove. The seal that a union of two fittings make is truly impressive, and if you play with the fittings before installing them you'll see a coupler to plug union forces the tip of the plug into the exact spot you need at the o-ring. There will be no possible deflection of water around an o-ring with these, just a proper seal every single time. 

Is it worth the money? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that will be a question for YOU to answer. Higher tolerances mean a lower rate of failure MOST of the time. With firearms it can create problems of moving parts getting dirty and fouling, but as long as these fittings are kept clean and not dragged through the mud, they are an upgrade that gives you something more than the receipt to prove it. 

It should be noted that there is no perfect system. The flow of water created the Grand Canyon, and in time water will flow and do whatever it wants to. The incidence of failure of any fitting is never the the actual metal when dealing with stainless steel, it comes from user error and degraded o-rings leaking. I would say you'll never have to replace these fittings, you will have to keep them clean and inspect all things seasonally to ensure things run correctly.


Customer Reviews

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Kirk Smith
Worth the extra $$

I’m a buy once cry once kind of guy. I’d rather purchase quality up front that’s going to last and skip the frustration from taking a gamble on the cheaper products. These new prima fittings are a game changer. Fit and finish are all legit!