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May 03, 2024 4 min read

In the realm of car detailing, achieving that flawless finish requires the right tools and products. Enter KLiN Korea, a name synonymous with unparalleled quality and innovation in the world of microfiber towels. As the US importer of KLiN Korea Microfiber, Detail Division LLC brings you the KLiN range of premium detailing microfiber designed to bring your finish to a new level.

Quality Starts from the Source:

At KLiN Korea, quality isn't just a goal—it's a commitment woven into every fiber. Before production begins, each raw material undergoes rigorous chemical testing to ensure unrivaled performance and durability. This meticulous attention to detail sets KLiN Korea apart, guaranteeing that every microfiber towel meets the highest standards of excellence. Every KLiN Korea product is manufactured in house. We are very different from the common towels found in America where multiple suppliers fall under one blanket corporation- the products start and finish under a single roof. 

Operating and supplying 190+ car washes in their home country of South Korea to serving as a trusted OEM supplier to auto manufacturers worldwide, KLiN Korea and the parent company have an actual history in the auto industry. From inception in the 1970's to present day, the mission remains the same. 

Chemical Testing and Quality Assurance:

At the heart of KLiN Korea's superiority lies a rigorous process of chemical testing of raw materials. Before production even begins, each material undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. This attention to detail ensures that every KLiN Korea microfiber towel is crafted from the finest materials, guaranteeing unparalleled durability and effectiveness. pH testing, checking for the presence of chemicals in the fibers before production, sourcing the appropriate water source for the dye process; it all matters when producing a better grade of tools for the job.

Introducing the Patented CCS Contaminant Control System:

Maintaining purity from production to packaging is paramount at KLiN Korea. With the patented Contaminant Control System (CCS), each towel is shielded from impurities, preserving its pristine condition until it reaches your hands. With KLiN Korea, you can trust that every towel is free from contaminants, ensuring consistent performance with every use without the need to be laundered before use.

Precision Engineering for Superior Performance:

KLiN Korea's dedication to excellence extends beyond microfiber towels. Their selection of washing mitts and pads, including the Softy Series, is designed to maintain finishes with varying levels of dirt accumulation. The fiber quality and length are meticulously fine-tuned to release dirt rather than trap it, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning process to maintain a finish that is already relatively clean. 

KLiN Softy Series Wash Pad - Detail-Division

Unmatched Performance and Longevity:

What sets KLiN Korea microfiber towels apart is not just their superior materials but also the extra measures taken in production. These towels are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring that they not only function better but also last far longer than other competitors in the market. With KLiN Korea, detailing enthusiasts can trust that their tools will withstand the test of time, delivering consistent results with every use.

Tailored Solutions for Every Detailing Need:

From plush towels like the Plush+ and Plush+ HD to the precision of the Buffing King, KLiN Korea offers a range of options to suit every detailing task. The selection varies in quality and price, allowing you to choose the perfect towel based on your paint's sensitivity and desired finish. As price goes up, so does on-surface compliance. We spend hours polishing and perfecting paint, and the final key step is wiping a panel down to reveal the finish. With KLiN Korea, achieving show-ready results has never been easier. 

From weave origination, drying towels that have 1 gallon+ holding capacity while maintaining a normal overall size, to effortless polish removal while keeping the surface integrity of the softest black paints intact, KLiN has the capacity to provide solutions. 

KLiN Buffing King - Detail-Division

Why Detail Division LLC Chooses KLiN Korea:

Detail Division LLC proudly stands behind KLiN Korea products as the premier choice for car detailing enthusiasts. After years of frustration with inferior products, we discovered KLiN Korea's unwavering commitment to quality and performance. As the exclusive US source for KLiN Korea, I am dedicated to providing detailing professionals and enthusiasts alike with the tools they need to achieve perfection. Since 2017, Detail Division LLC has been the proud source of KLiN Korea for America. These are the towels I use, it's as simple as that.

What is quality really worth?:

In the world of auto detailing, quality reigns supreme. While other towels may offer a lower upfront cost, investing in KLiN Korea microfiber towels proves to be a wise decision in the long run. As the saying goes, "buy once, cry once." By purchasing quality products from the start, professionals and enthusiasts can avoid the frustration of frequent replacements and subpar results. No lint and laundering straight out of the package. Sealed towels every single time from factory to end user; nothing is exposed to the contamination associated with traveling half way around the world in containers. With KLiN Korea, every dollar spent translates into superior performance and durability.

Not every job requires, but we know exactly where we fit into the work and have the track record with discerning professionals to back it up. From your average daily driver that's special to you, to supplying vehicle manufacturers before a new vehicle release to the public, 'we do that'.

Reality: Better Your Detailing Experience with KLiN Korea

In the competitive world of car detailing, quality is the only job. With KLiN Korea's premium microfiber towels and accessories, you can trust that every detail will shine. From the innovative CCS packaging system to the precision engineering of their towels and accessories, KLiN Korea sets the standard for excellence in the industry. Choose quality, choose performance—choose KLiN Korea, available exclusively through Detail Division LLC. You may not always need the best towels, but in the parts of the work that truly matter, there is a single option.


scott gauquier
scott gauquier

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