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SOLUS Backing Plate


The SOLUS Backing Plate Features:

  • Rupes 5" 15mm DA fitment (all machines)
  • 2K Twill Carbon Fiber
  • CNC Machined 6061-t651 Cerakoted center hub adapter
  • 16% weight reduction in rotational mass
  • Tool-Only hardware access for zero pass-through in event of failure
  • 123mm diameter
  • Stainless Hardware throughout 

The modification of the Rupes 15mm DA has been common since the release of the LHR15. Typical users employ a washer mod to space the backing plate away from the shroud on the operating end of the machine. This reduces drag from the shroud coming into contact with the plate, frees up 'spin' from the machine, and effectively enables a more free rotation while in use.

The SOLUS integrates similar principles as the washer mod, but builds this spacing into the hub, negating the need for an added part. This means less stress on the factory hardware. With relation to the hardware, there comes the issue of safety. Normally, the supplied hardware on the factory plate is put through an opening in the plate and the factory tool allows for tightening. This 'pass through' design will allow the hardware to fall out of the machine in the event of a failure and land on the substrate being worked. This issue is addressed with captured hardware, sandwiching the screw between the plate and the hub. It can still be accessed through the hole in the base of the plate, but the bore hole allows for tool-only access which decreases the chances of this uncommon but possible scenario. 

These are positive attributes of the plate, let's touch on negative. Edge protection. A common request from testers and a valid point. Simply put, adding edge protection upsets the inherent balance of the plate and adds weight. Given most users are using another machine to complete 'edge work' in their process, just keep the plate away from things you would hit with it. Maybe not the answer you want to hear, but it is what it is. Go into use with this mindset that this is NOT a factory backing plate and in order to achieve what this does, there are sacrifices.

Also, it's suggested a pad removal tool is used at all times. An inherent issue any backing plate faces is that the product does NOT us a thermal-molded Velcro® backing, so a sheet of Velcro® has to be used. Previous plates faced this issue, especially with heat buildup and there is no exception with the current unit. Everything that can be done to minimize this situation has been done, from the Carbon Fiber finish selection to the adhesive itself, yet some users may experience this. Some will not. It comes down to polishing style, pad selection, heat management. It is advised that you take a foam pad only approach with this as Microfiber Cutting Pads generate the most heat. The expectation is set, here and now, that Velcro® is a wear and tare ordeal and replacement is more a question of when and not if. An additional is supplied within the package along with the plate. Use of this plate to 'cut' paint is not advised, a forced rotation or rotary polisher is a better option as it saves time and ultimately generates less heat on a panel. 

Should you have any questions, please email info@detail-division.com before purchasing. This plate will work with 15mm, 21mm, and Duetto machines so long as you are aware that this is a 123mm plate. This is NOT the backing plate for every person or polishing style. If you have any reservations about what has been mentioned in the description above, this is NOT the backing plate option for you. DO NOT BUY IT.

For users of previous plates that I have sold in the past, this was built on those foundations and expanded upon. This will most likely be the last plate I offer for the Rupes machines, this is the unit I WANTED to produce and I am lucky to be able to share it with those that support me. THANK YOU. 

Made in the USA 

Patent Pending



The use of a SOLUS Backing Plate is an aftermarket modification to your DA machine polisher. Modifications can void any and all factory warranties from the tool manufacturer. By installing this, you are doing so intentionally and bare full responsibility for your own actions. You are potentially voiding your warranty. Any and all results are yours only, Detail Division LLC and any parts manufacturers associated offer ZERO warranty. PERIOD. 

*Mention of the brand Rupes Spa, Velcro®, and any affiliate, is done to describe fitment or product only and with respect to all registered trademarks. This is for reference, and in no way has this product been reviewed or endorsed by the aforementioned. 


Customer Reviews

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the last backing plate you will ever buy

this backing plate is a must have upgrade to utilize the full potential of your rups. noticeable increase in rotation and a much smoother balance while using. the difference it makes is clearly noticeable and i dont think i could go back to the old backing plate anymore.